About The Artist!


My Name is Rebekah Hatrak and I aim to create art that makes people smile.

I started my Animals Committing Crimes series in August of 2021 after a viral video of my design the Arson Chicken connected with many many people. After that video and the love it received, I realized that my dream of making art that connects with people was finally coming true. I've since then created many other works in this series that continues to brighten peoples days and their homes across the world!

I graduated from the University Of The Arts during the sprig of 2021 with my BFA in sculpture and studio arts. During my Senior year the pandemic resulted in my entire last year of school being fully remote and online. Because of this i was unable to use the resources my school provided for creating sculptures and re gained my love for drawing and painting. Since then I realized that "good art" didn't have to be created with all the fancy tools that my school once provided and that no matter what I made or how it was made, it would resonate with people. 

I want to make art that makes people happy, no matter what stage they are at in life, wether they had a bad day at work or school, or they are currently struggling with other issues I hope that my art can brighten their day and make them smile.