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*Please do not use this to contact me about deals, offers, and/or partnerships. This is a help request page for my customers ONLY!*

*Processing time for all orders is 2-3 weeks. If your question is about when you will receive your order and it hasn't been 3 weeks i am still in the process of getting to it and completing it. Processing time is how long it will take for me to get to your order, pack it and send it to the post office NOT how long it will take to ship*

Please use this to contact me about any comments, questions, or concerns about your order. please remember to include you order number within this for easier, and smoother guidance. My customer support hours are between 10am- 6pm EST Monday-Friday. If you reach out to me with any concerns during my off hours I will respond once the hours are open again.

Just a reminder I am only one person running this joint and I can only do so much when it comes to certain things. Thank you for understanding. ❤️